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Arrivederci Elba Ciao Deiva Marina

Up early and off, no brecky. Down at the port Betsy got a good spot. Mum and me went to the waters edge for a last look.

mum in elba

Now the madness begins, all the cars, peoplsees and Betsys rush to get on. Betsy was quick off her mark and I got a choice if seats.

poppysocks claims her spot on blu nave ferry
this will do for me

On the ferry a small German peoplsees played with me as dad took some photos of the Island. I wasn’t long before we were allowed to go back to Betsy. I always feel sorry for her left all on her own on ferries.

Betsy all crowded in on Blu Nave Ferry
Poor Betsy, the rain has cleaned her roof though

Off we go again. After a stop at Eurospin we join the bumpy road that takes us to the Autostrada. Its hot in Betsy so I go for a snooze on mum. Hours later we come off. The new road is steep and very twisty. Betsy has to go really slowly. Mum wants to buy a train pass so we go to the station. Nobody was at the station so mum never got a ticket. Off to the new camp we go.

Betsy got a good spot at the new camp. It was a wee bit shaded by trees. Good for me to snooze under.

Betsy all settled at deiva marina
all set

Tonight we went out for dinner. I got something called squidsees. I like squidsees, yum, I like squidsees alot!

poppy the westie at Camping La Sfinge Deiva Marina
Its ok here dad

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