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Play ball at Pettenasco

Today was a lazy day. Mum was not happy with dad because he fell a sleep in font of the telly last night. When I came back from my morning walk mum never changed my lead over, I smelled Balu mum and dad were not looking, I see my chance, offski! I shoot along the path to the gate and into the grassy area next to the lake. Balu’s dad calls me, dad must have heard this because in seconds he is there, caught After breky we went for a stroll into town. We were going to get bread from the supermarket. Balu and his mum and dad were going to Orta.

poppy the westie with ball at lake orta
me and my ball in the park

Today is the best day ever! I got to play ball all the wat along the path all the way to the park beside the ferry stop. Then I got to play ball in the park! After e went back to Conrad, I like this supermarket because I don’t have to wait outside.

poppy the westie going nowhere at pettenasco
nope i’m not moving

On the way back we went in a different direction. All good more time to play ball! I went along a really skinny lake side path .

well skinny this path

After two bridges I got to paddle in the river. Poppys like paddling.

poppy the westie in river at pettenasco

We came to the end of the path and I got to paddle in lake Orta, I like this bit because the water gets deep slowly and I can choose how deep the lake is. All good thing come to an end back to Betsy for lunch.

not the same as rock climbing back home!

As we came into camp I got to play with Onso when mum and dad went into the office to do something called “Settle Up”

I have tired him out!

We lazed about the camp for the rest of the day it was very hot dad put on my new cool vest but the camp was getting smaller. First one of the sun beds vanished, then the BBQ disappeared, it was followed by the lights, the other bed soon there was only two chairs and table left.

Mum and dad took me down to the lake, I didn’t like it. Mum and dad kept disappearing in the water and it was too deep for me to go in after them. They took the hint and they came out.

poppy the westie and mum in lake

I’m not getting in there!

We went into town for takeaway pizza for dinner and chatted with the Scottish people who lived in a caravan hut, mum and dad want a caravan hut, mum got angry with dad because he talked to long and pizza was getting cold. After dinner I got to play with Balu and Balu’s mum and dad Happy Days.

poppy the westie at balu's family camp
me and my new pals, happy days

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