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Going to Elba

We got up when it was still nighttime. Mum told me to be very quiet. I was not quiet enough because I woke up Balu! We didn’t have breky today instead we woke up Betsy and were off. After a while I figured Betsy was better as she was roaring down the road so I could safely have a nap. When I woke up everything was different. It was pouring with rain and it was very dark outside. Strangely the sky got suddenly bright as Betsy pulled us into Pioneino’s Port.

are we there yet dad?

We stopped and I got out for a walk, it was really, really hot. Dad talked to some parking police who were talking angerly with peopolsees in cars. I growled dad told me to shoosh.

We got back into Betsy and rolled down to where the big boats were. Betsy made a mistake and had to role backwards a man told her to wait at a white line. Wait for what? Soon I knew. A huge boat came straight at us and opened its huge mouth. Out of its mouth came hundreds of cars busses trucks and Betsys. As the cars were still coming out we were told to go in. I’m not sure about this dad! The ferryman told Betsy exactly where to go…. Crunch! Betsy was stuck, she had to pull backwards really hard to get free. Out we tumbled into ferry. Mum picked me up because the steps were too steep for Poppys.

poppy on deck

We got outside and mum found a cool place for me to sit we were off to an island!

poppy the westie crashed out on the ferry

When we rolled off it was a different world, total chaos, cars, peoplsees, trucks and Betsys all going in different directions. We escaped the madness and stopped at a supermarket. I guarded Betsy when mum and dad went in for supplies.

poppy the westie looking out of betsys window
cool breeze

When they came back we left town and went up a small country road. Lots of twisty turns but then I saw it, the sea side. Betsy came to the campsite and after a few attempts found her new spot. We made camp.

poppy the westie crashed out on Elba
digging my cool jacket

When It got dark we went out for dinner, I got denti sticks and biscuits. The day was finished by a stroll along the beach and back to Betsy for bed.   

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