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Monte Enfola, the storm and Big Bangs

The ground was all wet when I went for my morning walk, dad brought ball but I just wasn’t up for it this morning. It was nice and cold just like back home, after brecky we were going on an adventure.

poppy the westie gaurding Betsy at enfola elba

We got to the place where the sea is on both sides, I got let off my lead. we started to climb the mountain, lots of smells.

poppy the westie on mount enfola elba
look dad

On we went another bend another view, this was just like walks in Scotland! On the paths we went past lots of strange buildings

poppy the westie in ww2 bunker on elba
whats this dad?

At the next bend Italian peoplsees with a dog called Iron asked dad to take their photograph, what the didn’t know was I sneaked in there photographs! I looked over to mum she looked like she needed some lovin.

there there mum

On we went. We came to a strange arch way, I lead mum and dad though into the dark, it was very dark. at the middle I saw some light from the far end. I was ok but mum and dad stumbled through.

poppy the westie about to go into bunker
Come on mum

We followed the Italian peoplsees into another tunnel, this one was much bigger and darker than the other one. The were inching their way through using their phones to light the way. I went up beside them and touched one of their legs I gave her a fright, she screamed and all of here friends screamed as well, when they saw it was me they all laughed. Dad reminded mum about the torch on the key-ring, we went further in. In one of the tunnels it was full of moths, time to get out.

poppy the westie comes out the other side
the guns of navarone

We followed the path and it brought us out at the beginning. Time to get back to Betsy.

spot betsy
spot betsy

After lunch was when it all happened the wind picked up and the sky started to make lots of bangs. Suddenly the sky ripped with a big white flash water cascaded from it and there was a huge BANG. Mum and dad talked about it being typical “Glasgow Fair Monday weather” , 40 days and 40 nights according to the pepolsees on the radio. The rain pored for the rest of the day. Dad give me a brush to keep my mind off the Bangs.

poppy the westie after a good brushing
I can still here the bangs dad

Mum and dad kept going out side something to do with the electric fridge dad eventually gave it his raincoat, how daft is that a fridge wearing a rain coat! More and more big bangs, too much I might be a big girl but this is just too scary.

poppy the westie in her safe space during a thunder storm
too scary

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