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Camp Life and Yacht A

Another hot day here at Camping Enfola on Elba. I woke dad up and snuggled in beside him. I needed a walk so I liked his face to get him up. After my walk I tucked into biscuits and mum gave me a mini marky, yum. It was hot, really hot so I went for a snooze under Betsy where its cooler. When I came out Mum and dad were laughing at me, whats so funny? Mum came over to me and groomed some leaves from my face.

poppy the westie with mucky chops
whats so funny?

Mum went for a snorkel me and dad bummed about camp. Dad brought his office plant on holiday with us, I think it’s enjoying itself.

plant on holiday

We went out for dinner tonight dad even had a shave. It was a place called Emanuels

poppy the westie abd dad at emanuel efola elba
It doesn’t look that posh dad

The table was not ready for us so we spent some time at the bar. Dad got a beer mum got a strange orange drink called a sprits.

poppy the westie sprits curious
whats this?

When mum wasn’t looking I had a lick

nothing to see here mum

We moved through to the restaurant mum and dad liked the food they got. In the bay was a big space ship boat. The waiter told dad it was owned by a Russian and it was called yacht A. yacht A is a daft name for a space ship boat.

poppy the westie in restaurant emanuel
Its nice here dad

After dinner we went along the beach and back to Betsy. It was getting windy I was glad dad never put me in sea. That night the rain came.

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