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Busy doing nothing

When we got up the storm was over. They sky was blue and the air was cool, not Scotland cool but Italy cool. Mum had put camp back together and had made breky by the time I came back from my walk. Mum and dad had grapes and yogurt I had mini markys.

Mum went for a snorkel me and dad lazed. Bit of sunbathing back under the van went I was too hot. Morning melted into afternoon, afternoon into evening. Where did the day go?

table with view over the gulfo de viticcio
alfresco dining

Tonight we went out for dinner, we got a table right beside the sea. Mum and dad got spaghetti I got denti stick.

poppy the westie at dinner with kong

mum and dad raved about the chips, I don’t know why, one dropped on the floor and I scoffed it, not as good as denti sticks.

one last peek and off to betsy

poppy the westie at dinner table

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