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Mum was away when I got up this morning. I heard the back door keys. This time! I sprang to my feet, I heard the back door open as I rushed down the stairs, I sped across the hall into the kitchen in time to see the door close shut, next time. Well since I was up might as well have some breakfast. I finished my bowl as dad put my harness on me and tried to convince me to go out. Outside it was very strange the sky and the air was grey and everything was blurry like walking shadows, and cold, when did it get cold?

Dad dragged me up the street, he was grumpy because I had to investigate all the changing smells from yesterday. You need to know who is on your turf after all. If dad could smell what I could smell he wouldn’t be in such a hurry especially today when you can’t see very far ahead. Plod plod round the block we went back to the house. Dad filled my bowl and put a denti stick in Kong.

I went through the routine: sit, shaky, other shaky, high 5, other high 5, lie down, roll over, touch, touch, sit. I nearly forgot to wait for the commands. I fooled dad enough and he gave me Kong. As soon as I had finished it I went to look for dad. Not in the big room, sniff sniff nope not in the bathroom. I jumped up to the window he is not out there. I checked the staircase to the front door, no dad. After a while I thought maybe he has went back to bed. I zoomed up the stairs to the bedroom, no dads in bedroom, rushing up the stairs took it out of me time for naps on beds.

Grandpa came over at Lunchtime and gave me a carrot and took me out for a walk round the river. The sun was shining and the sky was blue, very different from the morning. No sooner were we back at the house Dad came home. Dad started coming and going out to Betsy. Soon dad and grandpa started looking out the window, I looked out as well but I did not know what they were looking at. Then all of a sudden dad went out the house jumped into Audi and moved it, granpa left and got into Fiesta, dad moved Audi again and grampa moved fiesta into the space where Audi was, very odd behaviour.

Grandpa left in Audi and dad kept moving stuff into Betsy. Mum came home and within 10 seconds mum and dad were shouting, I don’t like it when they fight so I scarpered into the back garden. After a while dad took me out to Betsy mum came in and we were off. The journey was very quiet, mum and dad were not talking and dad was getting rattled with the traffic. It was very stop start. As we left the city it got better and soon we were in the country.

It was still light when we got to the camp site. The man showed Betsy to here space but dad asked for another one. The man let her move to the new space. As dad was moving her about there was a crash. Betsy had hit a rock that was pretending to be grass. Betsy had had enough and staid put. Soon the doors were open and I could go and explore. We went around the camp and explored every access point to the loch. Mum decided the one nearest to Betsy was best so we got drinks and sat at the bottom of the steps.

Betsy the motorhome at Luss camp site loch lomond

More places to explore, dad cleared some nasty brambles so I could go rock climbing. Me and dad when over them into the next bay. We surprised mum by coming back behind her. Then I went off on my own, as soon as mum and dad were talking I saw my opportunity. I sneaked to the end of the bay climbed up on to the grass then the campsite was all mine. Freedom. It did not last long though I could here them calling me and they were not happy. The rest of the night I was not allowed to stray far grrrrrrr.

poppy the westie sitting on the backs of loch lomond
nice here mum

Still playing about the bay and the rocks we were invaded by ducks. Normally ducks don’t come near me but these ones did. If only I could swim, they were so close. They must have known I couldn’t get to them. There they stayed, so close but yet so far.

so close

Dusk came over the loch and it was time to get back to Betsy. Pizza for the humansees and spiced kibble for me with a side of cheese YUM. It had been a strange day but all is well with the world and after my night time walk I went to sleep.

time for sleep poppysocks
too much

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