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Last day on Elba

It was another really hot day. So the only thing to do is nothing. Sunbathe for a bit, crawl under Betsy to cool down and put paw to keyboard. It’s so tiring blogging

Poppy the wastie blogging is hard work
to hot to blog

This afternoon camp started to vanish again. I now know this means we are moving on. Where to next mum? It got even hotter in the afternoon. It was so hot plant needed the umbrello for shade.

too hot for plant thought poppysocks
dad looks after plant

Dad put down a cool mat for me. Daft dad as if I would lie on that thing, it feels nasty and doesn’t even cool you down! I will be doing a review on this rubbish.

poppy the westie not impressed with cool mat
you want me to lie on that?

There was only one thing for it, a dip in the sea. Dad brought ball. I had fun chasing it but more fun putting it in the sea. Dad got his feet soaked getting it back he had to squelch all the way back to camp!

poppy the westie cooling down in Elban waters
guess where the ball is dad

We went out for dinner again, spaghetti and muscles for mum and dad, denti for me.

poppy the westie waiting for dinner

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