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dad tried to feed me to the sea!

Today the wind has gone away and the sun woke up early. No brecky today we walked up the hill past the nasty cats to the bus stop.

me and dad at bus stop
where is bus mum?

The bus was busy dad lifted me on and told me to be a good Poppy. I sat on his lap all the way to Portaferraio. We were going to co-op for bread salad and fruit. It was very hot. Me and dad sat in the shade as mum went into the shop. She was ages.

When she came out she told us to hurry. How can you hurry in this heat? When we got to the bus station our bus came in. How luck was that? Bus had lots of peoplsees in her already. Bus trundled out of town and into the wild and windy coast road. Italians peoplsees are funny. Its 10 o’clock in the morning and already the small road is full of parked cars for a mile each side of the small beaches.

Back at camp it was too hot to do anything but lounge. I was panting all the time. Mum put on my cool vest, thanks mum! Time for a nap.

poppy the westie sun bathing with cool vest on
zzzzzzzz to hot

After lunch mum was going to go snorkel Me and went with her to the beach. Dad got in the water and tried to drag me in. No chance dad the sea is not going to eat me! Then he did it. Dad picked me up and dropped me in. No dad No! I managed to scramble out and hid behind Mum. Dad picked me up again and went to the water. Dad stop! Stop Dad! No! He was not listening he tried to feed me to the sea again. Again I got out just in time. Dad what have I done wrong? Mum went into sea and disappeared I barked and barked. Someone help! Dad help mum the sea is eating her. I barked and barked and barked. Dad just dragged me away.

Back at camp I was unhappy why did dad try to feed me to the sea? Why did mum not save me?

poppy the westie chilling out
not happy me

Dinner was BBQ, sausages yum. I might take their sausages but I’m still not happy with mum and dad. After dinner I went to my safe place in Betsy and stayed there all night. It was noisy because two peoplsees were singing to the restaurant.

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