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Hest Bank, Bolton le Sands and Carnforth

westie looking at person on canal boat in lancaster
what you doing dad?

Up Early blue skys walk then off. Duckling took us out of the city back over the aqueducts and into the country. There were a lot of other boats on the canal but dad seemed a lot less bothered by this. When we got to Hest Bank Duckling pulled to the side and was tied up in a jiffy. The only calamity was a cushion falling into the canal when tying Duckling up, soon retrieved with the big pole.

ready to rock

It will soon dry as the sun is hot. She was so close to the side I could jump on and off by myself! Down to the beach, it was very odd the beach. It went out for miles. We just stayed at the top shore. I got to play ball.

me at hest bank bridge.

Back on Duckling we were off again this time to Bolton-le-Sands, dad was worried about bridge 120, the Hartlet Swing. We approached it cautiously, mum jumped off the pointy end of the boat and went over the bridge. She opened it as dad sailed Duckling through, mum closed the bridge and jumped back on the pointy end. So dad, what was the fuss about?

mum on swing bridge

Dad tried to park duckling between bridges 123 and 124 but only managed to get duckling stuck in the ground. A nice man told us to go past the bridge and park, he then gave us a shove and Duckling was free. All parked up off to the beach.

made in the shade

This beach was stranger than the last. It was grass and it was wet. I loved it, best place we have been to, grass under my paws and cool with the water. I ran and ran and ran. I jumped over the pools until disaster. I was running faster than the wind I came to a pool I jumped then SPLASH it was too long. Under the water I went. Luck was in when I bobbed up I was close enough to scramble out. Big shake and start running again to dry off.

poppy the westie on the marshland at Bolton le sand
like this place

Back on Duckling we passed a white boat with a big white rabbit tied to it, as we passed the peoplsees shouted Happy Easter! When we putted into Carnforth it was very busy but there were plenty of places for Duckling to park. We got out to see what was going on the fire brigade were there on land and in the water! A live band was playing and lots of peoplsees talking, laughing and drinking. Dad found out it was the annual town duck race. Thousands of yellow ducks were put into the canal. The peoplsees cheered and all the ducks did not play ball, the went nowhere.

poppy the westie at carnforth with hundreds of ruber ducks in the canal
why the ducks?

The fire brigade got involved. First with the motor boat, then with the row boat, finally with the fire hoses. Eventually a duck won! We went back to Duckling and watched the scene unfold from the pointy end.

fire brigade rounding up the ducks at carnforth
round them up lads

That night we went into town for dinner but came short. Everywhere was out of food or closed. Mum settled for Chinese, back to Duckling for dinner and drinks and telly and bed.

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