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Up the next morning, empty the bins and off. It was a pleasant sail, the canal was very quiet we only passed two boats, though typically one was on a blind corner and it was as big as Duckling.

Westie beside narrow boat at Carnforth basin on the lancater canal sussing out who dad was speeking to
who you talking to dad?

Mum let Nick and June know when we passed bridge 134 and they were waiting for us at bridge 138. Nick jumped on and took Duckling into the marina. Nick gave me pets again, I like Nick. We said good bye to Nick, June and Duckling and thanked them for a great weekend, jumped into Mini and headed back up the road.

View of cows in field from the stern of a canal boat on the Lancaster canal.
the quiet live on the canal

If any one out there wants to live in Duckling Nick and June can sort you out. Duckling is liked a lot by Poppy. Contact them at

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