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Beaches of Wester Ross

Mum and Dad came back from breky and brought me some sausages, yum. Soon we were all in Mini. Mini took us into town . Soon she was on open roads and heading to the mountains. She left the big road and was on a windy one where there was only room for one car. Every time another car came along she had to stop.

She stopped at a bigger space and we all got out. Mum wouldn’t let me walk she picked me up because the ground was very dirty. We only stopped to take a pickture of a rainbows.

rainbows in wetser ross
This is what all the fuss was about.

We got back in mini I was very excited because we were going to a beach. It was a long drive to the beach.

poppy the westie going to Achnahaird Beach

We got to the car park and got out. There was a sign taped to the gate that would take us to the beach. Dad was concerned and put me on leash. Why you put me on leash dad? Look at all the space and there are no cars.

poppys will be shot

Dad was happy there were no sheeps about, don’t know why he is worried, I would chase the stupid sheepsees away. Off leash and going to the beach called Achnahaird. This is great. This beach is massive I could chase the ball for miles.

poppy the westie on the sands of Achnahaird Beach
It goes on forever

Time to go, back into mini and go to Achmelvich

Poppy the westie at Achmelvich
nice beach

We met some nice peoplsees here who had westies in the past. This is a great wee beach it even has rock climbing

on the road to lochinver

We drove and drove untill we came to Clachtoll another beach more ball

poppy the westie on the sands of Clachtoll
poppy the westie on the sands of Clachtoll

It was getting late and we needed to get back to Ullapool So back to mini

poppy the westie at loopallu
whats with the big tent for?

In Ullapool mum picked up ice for her drinks they left me in mini when the went to get wristbands for Loopallu. We went back to the guesthouse and I got a denti stick yum. no sooner had I finished it mum and dad had vanished. I bet they went to to the loopallu


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