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Big Sands

I woke up this morning and Mum took me for a walk It was raining when we got back I was drenched. Mum dried me off and we went down to brecky. The nice man said I could come this morning so sausage and salmon yum.

After brecky me and dad went into town to buy a paper. The road was very wet and cars made big splashes, I didn’t like this one bit and barked at them. We went through the park on the way back to the guesthouse which kept me away from the cars. As soon as we got back we were getting loaded into Mini. As we drove into town there was cars everywhere trying to get a drink at the petrol station. Stupid peoplsees had parked their posh cars in the petrol station so the other cars could not get in for a drink, worse they were all talking and not moving. Dad decided to give it a miss, so we went to get some ice. On the way back petrol station was quiet so mini got a drink. We dropped the ice off and Michael said he would put it in his freezer for us. Off to the open road.

We were going to a place called big sands. The last time we were in this part of the world the weather was so bad we never went to big sands so I’m super exited. What I’m not so exited about is the weather. It rained and rained. We left the big road and headed to the Gairloch. We drove over hills and through forests eventually we got there. I did not remember the town at all. You would have thought I would have remembered Buddha on the beach.

We followed the brown signs to Big Sands and arrived at a campsite. Mini tip toed past reception trough the camp all the way to the slipway at the edge of the beach. I was so excited I couldn’t stop barking mum told me to shoosh, dad told me to shoosh. Its too exciting. As soon as the door was open woosh I’m out of there. RUOGH ROUGH YELP YELP YELP Mum Dad HURRY.

poppy the westie on big sands with mountains in distance
this is great

I ran full pelt to the sands Ball mum Ball. It was great the sand was spongy it made me want to jump and spring. Ball mum Ball. We played ball all the way to the end of the beach. Dad stared to talk to some peoplsees. The had just saved a giant star fishy. It was back in the sea, shame I have never seen a giant star fishy. We played ball all the way back to the rocks. We went behind the rocks and there was another beach even bigger than the first one! BALLLLLLL.

lifes a beach

I was minding my own business playing ball with mum and dad when a nasty big black dog came running over he would not leave me alone. He stole my ball but dad got it back. He would not stop pestering me. Mum picked me up be he still kept coming. So I snarled and snapped at him, his mum put a lead on him and took him away. The beach is mine again.


We went all the way to the end before heading back. I was tired but not tired enough to miss out on some rock climbing. After climbing the rocks one last chase on the beach.

poppy the westie rock climbing in wester ross
i can see the pub fom here

We got back into mini and headed back to Ullapool. Mini found a place to rest and we explored the town. Ullapool is good to Poppys, the only place I was not allowed to come in was Loopallu. I  was in galleries and shops. We went back to Mini and headed to the guesthouse.

poppysocks hanging out in the Sheiling Guest House lounge
good spot to watch paw patrol

After a quick rest in the lounge we went to the room. It was too nice to stay inside so we went out to the garden. Mum and Dad had some drinks and I hung about with them for a bit, it was easy to jump onto the table, I like being the same height as them.

mmmm wine

 I soon got bored so went to fully explore the garden. The garden was bigger than mine, so it was going to take some time. I did the perimeter check all good then went to explore the building. I could see mum and dad checking on me every now and again. I could smell a new smell up by the doors of the house, I know this smell but can’t quite put my paw on it, is it a cat?

poppy the westie in the Sheilding Garden

We went back to the room when it got dark soon, I got a denti stick YUM, and again by magic Mum and Dad had vanished. Time for a nap.

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