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It was cold when dad took me for my morning walk, the ground made my paws cold and sometimes slip. I was glad to get home, doors open up the stairs breakfast. Hold on, what was in the hall? Mmmm bags, better stick to mum and dad they might disappear. Dad moved the bags into mini, I’m getting worried now, are they going to leave me? All good mum picked up my harness and lead I’m getting to go too, I’m so excited. Mini sped off onto the big road and over the bridge, soon we were passing big water and huge hills. On and on went mini passing villages and back into the wilderness.
Loch Awe
After a short stop mini left the big road and went down a twisty road only big enough for her. On and on she went for miles and miles. At the end of the road was a big house. Dad got the bags and me and mum went to the front door. There were lots on new smells I’m going to like it here. After we got to our room It was time to explore. Mum made me put my romper suit on, me no likey this suit It’s hard to get on and makes me itch but at least we are getting to go out. I got pets from the peoplsee in the hall but had to hurry, out, ball.
poppy the westie outside hotel
I played ball with mum and dad in the front garden but soon we were going to explore. Walking by the house the garden got bigger and bigger. Down we went over the grass and into the trees at the bottom. Lots of new smells. This is great mum. As we plodded trough the trees I spotted water. Mum, dad come quick look!! I could see lots of water but I couldn’t get down to it.
poppy the westie at the jetty
No fun in that, we left the platform and headed back into the woods where I found a strange garden. Sure, there was grass in it but no flowers. It was too wee to play ball in it. Not impressed with this dad.
poppy the westie in the graveyard Ardanaisieg
More exploring was to be had. I wasn’t happy as we passed by tennis courts, strange bad evil smells. I growled at the trees. Something bad is hidden in there. I can’t see it, but I can smell it gurrrrrrrrrrrr. Mum and dad are useless when it comes to hidden monsters. They can’t smell or feel the way I can. I kept an eye on the woods as we passed them by. As the woods thinned to moors I saw it. Deersees! I ran as fast as I could after it, as soon as it saw me it bolted into the trees, I gave chase but it was too late it had gone. Mum did you see, dad I chased the deersee away. Following the path back down the hill a I saw a huge pond and had to investigate.
poppy the westie at the old jetty Ardanaiseig
Mum and dad got worried when I jumped all over the jetty, “don’t worry I won’t make the same mistake as yesterday!” I jumped back into the grass when the grass bit me! Dad help! Dad took my paw and took the bramble teeth out of my paw. I’ve had enough lets get out of here.
poppy the westie above loch Awe

The next place we came across was a big garden completely surrounded by a huge wall. Dad spoke to the gardener but all I could think of was BALL. It was great we played ball for ages. The gardener said goodbye me and left us to play.

poppy the westie in the walled garden Ardanaiseig
Playtime over more exploring to do. Leaving the garden though its other gate a path took us past chickens and back down to the water. It was better here because I could get a drink and wet my paws. There was a strange house built over the water we walked around it to go back to the big house.
poppy the westie at new jetty Ardanaiseig
Back on the lawn time to play more ball.
poppy the westie outside Ardanaiseig House
Mucky Paws and posh houses don’t mix. Back at our room I heard the noise of running water. No sooner than dad had taken my romper suit off he picked me up and put me into bath. Let me out I had two baths yesterday!
poppy the westie getting out of bath Ardanaiseig House
Dried off I settled on the bed. Mum had moved a chair and her case to make stairs for me because the bed was too high for me to jump on. The windows changed colour as the sky turned pink, dad went out to take photographs.
Ardanaiseig House at dusk2
While dad was out me and mum explored the house. It was a maze. Mum kept getting lost but it was ok because Poppys always know where they are. I found the magic corridor. This corridor is great! It makes your paws bounce when you run and the noise your paws make when you land, up and down I ran over and over. That’s when I remembered, we’re looking for dad. To the lounge mum.
poppy the westie in Ardanaiseig House lounge

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