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Greyfriars Poppy

Greyfriars Poppy

Mum took me for a walk round the castle, another great day in the making. Back at our room dad gave me a Kong. Rats, I fell for it again. No sooner than I had my first munch, they were vanished. Sneaky mum and dad. They came back a little later smelling of bacon and sausages, where’s mine? Dad took the bags out to mini, where we off to next? Mini headed up the long driveway and was soon on the big road to Edinburger. She found a place to rest at Carlton Hill. Can we go up there? Look we can play ball up there.

poppy the westie at monument calton hill

Carlton hill was great. Lots of space to run and play ball.

poppy the westie at the folly calton hill

Same as yesterday, all the peoplesees we met were from overseas. We plodded around the hill before dad put nasty leash on and we headed into town.

poppy the westie looking at edinburgh

We crossed a big bridge and were on a road called the royal mile. I was allowed off leash but had to be careful to avoid the peoplesees who all seamed to be dragging small cases behind them and they were all in a hurry.

poppy the westie on the royal mile edinburgh

There were lots of small alleys to explore with lots of new smells. 

poppy the westie explores the old town edinburgh

At the top of the road was a huge castle. It was bigger than the one we had just left. Are we staying here dad? 

poppy the westie at edinburgh castle

Edinburger is not great for playing ball, too many peoplesee and not enough grass. We left the castle going down long narrow steps. As we wandered around the old town I found a stone park! Dad, Mum, STONEPARK! BALL!

poppy the westie at greyfriars

This was a strange stone park. It had houses making up some of the walls. Still it was good for playing ball.

greyfriers poppy

As we left the park dad noticed a strange sign. What does it mean dad? Dad told me it was about a cairn who lived here a long time ago who was devoted to his dad. So if I’m a good girl will I get one of these dad?

poppy the westie at greyfriers kirk

This Bobby must have been special because outside they even had a statue of him.

poppy the westie and greyfriers bobby endinburgh

It as getting on and we had to move mini. Dad said the blue meanies would slap a ticket on her if we were not quick. We crossed another bridge and walked through the gardens back to mini, time to go home.

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