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Postcard from Montgenevre and Clavier

Postcard from Montgenevre and Clavier

Hi Poppysocks

We got here very late and spent a night in Montgenevre, France. The hotel was ok and we had a great pizza. In the morning the weather was very snowy so we got our equipment hired and moved to a cabin in Claviere, Italy. That night we ate on the mountain at Baita la Coche getting a skidoo to take us up the hill to The restaurant. We are watching you every day on Poppy Cam.

The next day we got brave and decided to go skiing. It was windy, snowy and at times everything was just white. The one good point was very few people were stupid enough to come up the mountain so it was very quiet. We ended up just following the orange helmets of a group in front of us.

I found the last ski pass in my jacket and realised it had been four years to the day since the last time I was skiing. Covid has had a lot to answer for.

lat time skiing

Sunday the weather was better so we decided to explore further afield, France for the day first we had to get to the slopes. Our cabin was just a short walk away from the centre of Claviere.


It took a few hours to ski to the furthest point of the milky way.

dad in Montgenevre

After a bit of a play on this side it was time to bop our way back to Italy.

mum on the poussins ron Montgenevre

When we got to Italy we soon discovered out off piste abilities needed some work. After a faf we were soon back on the lovely groomed Italian slopes.

run 100 clavier

Back in Claviere we treated ourselves to a little après ski refreshment. Bliss.

apres ski clavier

Monday we decided to explore an area we haven’t been to for years. The Serre Thibaud. The lift ques were really long but it was worth it.

View to Montgenevre from serre thibaud

We had so much fun going down we went straight back up and did it all again

pharo run top Montgenevre

On the way down we found a wee house in the snow. This reminded mum that if we wanted lunch at Baita Gimont we would have to get a wriggle on.

Montgenevre pharo house

Back to Italy then. The golf run back to Claviere is very flat but eventually we got to a lift to go back up the hill. We made it for a late lunch, nothing special but it filled a hole.

mum in clavier

After lunch it was a easy slide back to the lift but that was when it all started to go peat tong. We decided to do the runs we did on the first day because this time we would see where we were going. So we were off to explore Monti Della Luna and the hamlets of Montanina and Cesana one wrong turn and we came across the 23 Centrale. It was not a pleasant run. Back up again this time we took the 90 It was great, even saw a guy getting into his hot tub in one of the hamlets we skied through.

Back in Claviere we are going out to eat at Il Gallo Cedrone. They do great gnocchi there. Well we will be up early and will see you tomorrow.

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