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Steak Pie Day 2024

Steak Pie Day 2024

We had a long lie in today because its Steak Pie Day. What we upto today then? “We are going to explore the other side of the water Poppy. It’s called Trotternish,” said Mum. Oh Ok then, how we getting over there boat? “No Poppy we are going in Blue”. When we got to the end of the road to Greary Blue turned left, mmm not been this way before. She plodded along and soon we were at a place called Uig. Dad said this is where you get the ferries to Harris and North Uist. Blue did not stop, instead she climbed away from the sea upward and upwards. She came to a rest at a place called Quiraing. You could see for miles up here.

View south from the Quiraing Skye

We all got out and went for a plod about the hills. It seems to be a thing because lots of other peoplsees were doing the same. Mum can we go to the dinosaur beach now?

poppy the westie at the Quiraing Skye

Blue came carefully down the hill, the road was wee and wound its way down with very tight corners. It was just like the roads in the alps but the road was much smaller. Mmmm Betsy wouldn’t like this. Safely at the bottom we headed for An Corran Beach. I was told we would see dinosaur footprints, well did we? No. The only thing we saw was loony dookers in the sea. Been a wee while since I saw those dafties.

loony dookers at An Corran Beach

We did get to look back where we came from. Dad I think we picked the wrong beach that one just looks better.

view to Quiraing

Soon we were off again, this time Blue stopped at a waterfall called The Lealt Falls. As waterfalls go they were OK.

Lealt Falls Skye

What’s that over there dad? “That’s the Islands of Rona and Raasay” Mmmm more islands to bag.

view to Rona and Raasay

Next stop was kilt rock, by the time we got there the sky had started to cry and how it sobbed. I couldn’t be bothered getting out so we sent dad to take a picture.

Kilt rock waterfall

Blue’s last stop was at the old man of storr. The sun was out so e started to climb the hill but Mum decided it would be too much for my leg. I think she was thinking about her legs not mine.

old man of stor

It was getting late and we had a long way to travel back to Geary. Probably for the best Steak Pie doesn’t cook itself.

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