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Santa Claws Day 2023

Santa Claws Day 2023

Mum shouted up the stairs for me and Dad to get up. Dad picked me up to go downstairs. Dad I can go downstairs by myself, I’m much better now. He didn’t listen. As we went down I could smell bacons, eggies and sausages, YUM! It was great. After a pile of parcels were put in the middle of the floor. I looked at Mum, “On you go Poppy”, I didn’t ask twice. Poppys loves opening parcels!

poppy the westie on christmas day 2023

Can I open another one?

After all that fun me and Dad went into Blue and drove to Uncle Andrews house. When we got there something was odd. Uncle Ritchard was there. What you doing here Ritchard?  I was having a great time till nasty Stanza turned up, grrrrrrr. Stanza is not a nice doggy. I was glad when we went home and when we got there Granny and Grampa were there.

Santa Claws day means two things. Turkees for diner YUM and prezzies to open! After all the excitement I was starting to get drowsy.

poppy the westie getting drowsy

My tum was just too full, think I’ll go for a nap, telly is rubbish anyway.

poppy the westie after dinner snooze

After Gran and Granpa left I wanted to go to bed, dad had other ideas, “Poppy, patrol time”, aww dad.

poppy the westie ready for walk

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