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Dark December

Dark December

It’s been a bad year this year and it’s still getting worse. Its been six weeks since I went to nasty vet and cut into my sore leg. Just when I thought it was all over Dad took me back. I don’t want to go Dad, don’t make me go in there. Inside I got pinned down, my leg got shaved and they stabbed me with a needle. Then I got sleepy. When I woke up dad said they needed to make me sleep so they could take pictures of my knee. Dad just get me out of here.

poppy the westie back from xrays

One good thing about having a sore knee is no baths. Poppys hate baths and vet said I couldn’t have one for another two weeks. Well at least some good has come out of all this. Winter is when it is dark outside more than it’s light. Winter is also cold and wet. But winter is also when you get advent calendars, Poppys love advent calendars.

poppy the westie opens an advent calender

Over the last wee while Dad has been looking at me a bit too closely. He is up to something. Then without warning he nabbed me. That’s when I spotted the scissors. NO, not the scissors. Have you not put me through enough in the last few months. I could not escape.

poppy the westie getting a homemade hair cut

I had had a good run of luck on the bath front but then I heard it. Mum and Dad had baths yesterday, so why is the bath running today? Mmmm this is not good. I sneaked out of the living room and hid under the table in the dining room. It was no good. After a search of the house Mum found me. NO, not baths! It was no good in I went. After dad got hairdryer and dried me off. At least they put on fire for me, that’s something I suppose.

poppy the westie at fire after bath

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