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Can’t put my paw on it

Can't put my paw on it

The last week or so things are changing, mum went back to work so its just me and dad in the house during the day. When mum comes home she is sad. It takes a lot of licking to make her happy. Dad normally gets very angry when the yellow haired Borisee is on the telly box, but this week he was almost happy. Something is up. One of the changes over the last month is haircuts. I hates haircuts, nasty buzzing, hair pulling hates it hates it hates it. It starts with dad being all nice with me, giving me pets and treats. Then he comes down to pick me up and cuddle me, before I know it, I’m on a high table and the evil buzzy machine starts up. If its not the evil buzzy machine it’s the snip snips snips. Dad gets tense with the snip snip snips this makes me very scared, but they are not as scary as the nasty buzzy machine. Hair cuts don’t last long because I don’t let them last, I can only take evil buzzy machine for a short time it’s too scary. I wriggle, back off, jump wriggle anything to get away from it. A moving target is harder to cut. Bad buzzy, bad dad.
hair station
Mum is on the computersee a lot just now. She buys things and looks at pictures, it seems to cheer her up. She got a big box of chocolate and was very happy with that then got some good news she can get a haircut, she wouldn’t be that happy if dad was doing it with evil buzzy.
not for poppy the westie
The weekend started the same as every other. Friday mum and dad got up really early and try to sneaks out of house without Poppys. I wate till they are at the front door then shaky, shaky, patter, patter, patter, patter HERE I AM. We get in mini and go to the big food shop. I’m not allowed in, so my job is to guard mini. Mum and dad get Granny and Granpas food because they are not allowed into shops anymore, same as me. I wonder what they have done. Mum and dad don’t go to their house anymore and they are not allowed in ours. Have they been bad?
When we get home, they put all the food on the floor and spray it with horrible smelly stuff, they then spend hours wiping it with white cloths. Then they put it into different bags for granpa to take away when he comes to walk me. Peoplsees are just strange sometimes, I don’t get it.
Another thing that was different this weekend was we didn’t go to the new stone parks, we went to home park instead. Mum was much happier because she was on holidays. Not away holidays, just away from work holidays. All through Saturday she kept going out to Betsy. In, out, in, out, every time she came back with something from Betsy. It has been a long time since mum went out to Betsy and even longer since I have been in Betsy, ages and ages ago. So what is the sudden interest?
poppy the westie mid jump
Dad spent a lot of time in the back, I likes this because I get out back too. He was in the small kennel at the back of the garden where two dragon monsters live. Dragon monsters only seem to wake up in sunshine, in winter time they sleep and they never come out in the dark. Today the white dragon came out. I have seen it a few times this year. Grrrrrrrr keep it in check. Suddenly there was a loud roar. The blue dragon has woken up. Smoke bellowed from the dragons kennel, the noise was deafening, ROUGH ROUGH ROUGH GRRRRRRRR I can be as loud as him grrrrrrrrrrr. I guarded the door to make sure he could not get out but the smoke was too thick I had to back off. Then it was over. He just went back to sleep. A cloud of his smoke hovering above the garden. Grough, must have thought better of it.
poppy shed 3
Sunday came and granny and granpa came over. This week was different. Mum let them in the house, she must have forgiven them for what ever it was they did. I’m glad they got in because granpa brought me a carrot and I got to play with him in living room.

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