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Birthday Brunch and Two Baths

Birthday Brunch and Two Baths

When I got up this morning Mum and Dad were already up and about. Dad took me round the block but when we got home he took my harness off, shoved me into a jumper and put my harness on again! Very odd. We all piled into mini and went over the river. Mini stopped just off a big road called Argyle Street. Dad got out and put money into a pole sticking out of the pavement.
poppy the westie in the finniston2
We walked round the corner into a place called The Finnieston. It was nice and warm a peoplsee showed us to a booth by the fire, poppys like fires. Mum and dad got some nice birthday food, they gave me some sausage and bacon yum.
Time to go walk off food. Mini stopped at Kelvinside Terrace next to the Sixty Steps, instead of going up the steps we went down to the riverside. Great off lead, where’s the ball Mum? Mum said I couldn’t get the ball because the path was too narrow and the river too close. Wandering down the path we went under a big bridge and on the other side there was loads of open space…..BALLLLLL
poppy the westie on the kelvin walkway
Kelvengrove park is great. I met two of my cousins there and very distant cousin on the Cairn side of the family. He looked just like me but had dark hair. Bet he doesn’t get as many baths as I get! Mum kicked the ball I chased it, she kicked it again and again I chased it again and again until I had a breather.
poppy the westie in kelvengrove
I saw dad next to a wall, poppys loves walls. I zoomed past dad and leaped on to the wall, wait, oh no, its not a wall SPLASH! Water! Its COLD! Dad HELP! Dad dragged me out of the water and got my ball back. I let go of it with the shock of the cold water. Shaky shake shake. I learned a new word. Fountain. Fountain means cold pond pretending to be a wall. Poppys don’t like nasty fountains. Better run around to get warm.
poppy the westie after fountain incident
We plodded back to mini and I met another of my cousins. We were going to go to granpas but because dad broke his pipe homewards it was. I got let out the back when we got home, I love the back, my favourite place. After barking to my friends in the other yards I went up the stairs to see what dad was up to. Nothing good, he was in the bathroom and water was splashing.
poppy the westie in bath

Mmmm Dad I know I smell bad with fountain water but it will go away don’t put me in water again!!

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  1. Bjorn Toulouse
    22nd January 2020 @ 9:34 pm

    Stay away from fountains poppy!


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