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Swiss Clinic and Epernay

Another sunny day another early start. Betsy was taking us all to a Swiss Clinic. I have never been to a clinic before. We got to a posh new building and went inside. A man in a white coat took us to a room…………sussed this this is not a clinic ITS A VET!!!  grrrrrrrr let me out, nope not eating that! nope cant fool me that’s still medicines with meat paste on it. The nasty vet opened my mouth put the medicines in and held my mouth shut until I swallowed it yuck.

Betsy getting ready to leave Interlaken

80 euro later we were back in Betsy and on the road. Off to France we go. Hours later we rolled into CAMPING MUNICIPAL D’EPERNAY france. Betsy got to rest beside the river. We went into town. It had a very posh street, Mum seemed impressed.

By the river in Epernay

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