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Slow road to Kildonan

Castle and the Seafood Shack

We got up very early this morning and headed out of camp through the golf course, the red deer were also up early, I kept mum and dad safe. Dad was worried about the weather, but it looked ok to me.
poppy the westie stalks deer at Lochranza
As we entered town mum got something called signal. Mum went on her phone to talk to somebody at school. This gave me and dad time to explore the jetty. Ball? Dad was having none of it. Spoilt Sport.
poppy the westie exploring the small jetty at lochranza
When mum stopped talking to the small box she looked happier. We wondered along the road to the pier. Only a year ago Betsy was parked at the pier because the sea was too rough for it to sail. We were stuck here for ages. Today the sea was quiet, Mr Wind was out of town and the sky was not crying. As we were waiting for the boat dad was talking to some Belgian peoplsees who were going to ride their bikes all the way to Oban. I think they are nearly as daft as the peoplsees who were swimming in the bay. I dipped my paw in at the jetty, it was freezing.
Swimmers at lochranza
I played on the pier running up and down, chasing the splashes and the fish at it’s edge. Poppys don’t swim and sneaky fishees know this. Suddenly boat made a loud roar. I ran to dad, boats ready to go dad, we better hurry.
poppy the westie spots the ferry at lochranza
On boat we were not allowed upstairs because of covid, it’s the first time I have been in the lounge on this ferry. The crossing was calm, I explored the cabin. The ferry was full of bike peoplsees, millions of them. Bike peoplsees are funny, they were stupid bright outfits that make them look like they have been painted. After a while settled down on the window ledge so I could watch the world go by.
poppysocks looking at the sea from the lochranza ferry
When we got off we were back in Kintyre, it was only a week ago when I was here last. Today was different. I knew where we were, so once off the ferry ramp I headed for the beach but dad headed to the small road in the other direction. Are we going that way dad? The road was very quiet, so I was allowed off leash, mmm we have never been this way before I better keep look out. Along the way we passed a few campervans parked next to the water, nice spots to camp, can we do this dad? Further along the road I saw something I didn’t like, I don’t know what it is but it’s just not right Grrrrrrrrrrr. Dad watch out wood monsters!
poppysocks checks out wood monsters in argyle
I checked out the wood monsters, they dident look like they would be too quick, we are probably alright. A little further along was a good spot where Betsy would feel right at home. It was next to a burn so went to investigate further. Betsy would like this dad wouldn’t she? The spot had flat ground, a burn for water and a beach for ball. It even had rocks to climb. Perfect dad can we come here?
poppysocks rock climbing in north argyle
After a while we came into the village of Skipness.
poppy the westie enters skipness
It was a nice little village and it had a huge beach. Beach was not what we were looking for, we were looking for a castle! We left the village and something told me we were on the right path.
poppysocks looking for a castle
As the path turned and went over a bridge dad put leash on. Chickensees I mean what are chickensees doing on the road, really? At the end of the road was a shack, a seafood shack, it smells amazing, are we going to eat? We didn’t stop, instead we went further up the road, I was not chuffed. There it was, the castle. The sign on the gate said we couldn’t go in so instead we went through the fields to the old church.
arran from skipness
Poppys likes the old church. the old church was great. Dad opened the gate and as soon as my paws touched the grass I got to run and run. This grass feels so good under my paws. I ran and ran and shot through the door in the church, once inside I discovered there was even a place to climb!
poppy the westie on window of chapel Skipness
Back outside we were in a stone park. BALL DAD BALL. I love playing ball in stone parks. I dashed about after the ball, changing directions when it the stones. This stone park was different because some of the stones were covered by really low sheds. What’s this all about dad?
poppysocks at the graveyard skipness
Suddenly I could smell another dog. Odd can’t see him. Then I heard strange whistling. I looked at dad, what’s going on? I can’t see, the walls are too high. I bombed back into church and climbed to the bottom of a window ledge. There I saw something very odd. A peoplsee was on a funny scooter with 4 wheels blowing a whistle. The dog I smelled was running about behind lots of sheeps! He wasn’t chasing them just running back and forth behind them… odd. Kintyre is a strange place.
poppysocks in window of old chapel skipness
The church fully explored we left through the gate and made our way to the beach. To get to the beach we had to use some muddy paths and scramble across some rocks. When we got there a man was in the water. What a dafty! He must be really stupid the water is freezing.
poppy the westie on beach at skipness
Poppys are not so daft, poppys know what beach is for, BALL!
poppysocks on beach at skipness
Playtime over I was getting hungry. Can we eat? To get back we used the other beach. It was not as good, it was made from pebbles and stones and was very hard on my small paws. Dad? You know how Poppys can’t read well? Poppys can go into castles because signpost is not written in dog, right? To get to castle we had to get round lots of huge beastsees that were guarding the path. Poppys are not convinced with beastsees all that mooing is not right. The came closer and closer, I spotted a gap, hurry up mum, hurry up dad! We made it, Skipness Castle, invaded! The castle was empty lots of places to explore and play ball. While mum went to the smokehouse I explored the castle. Through the doors into every room, up the stairs, down again. It took me a while before I realized mum was not back yet. Go get mum dad? Where’s Mum. I ran to the smokehouse, the door was open, the smells were amazing but the smell I was looking for was not here…Mum
poppysocks at skipness castle
We found mum on the other side of the castle, Poppys are good at finding. Where next? Next was follow your nose to food! Seafood Shack! FOOD! Mum picked a table, when we got there one of my cousins started to bark at me, Hector is a noisy westie. Hector doesn’t like the looks of guinea fowls, I just think they are like noisy chickensees.
poppy the westie and hector at the seafood shack skipness
.Food came and it was goooooooood. I got langoustines, fishees, crabs, smoked salmons and fish eggys. I still had to be on guard though, when no one was looking a stupid chickensee though he was in for an easy feed. Ha! He never counted on me, you should have seen him run!
poppy the westie at the seafood shack skipness
Fully fed and watered it was time to go back to ferry, I felt a wee bit sick. “You ate too much and too quickly” said dad, rubbish, it must have been the fish eggys. Then it happened, the sky started to cry. It cried and cried and cried and then it cried some more. Mum put my coat on me.
poppy the westie heading back from skipness
The road was a lot busier now, it must be all the peoplsees from the Seafood Shack. Its tables were all out doors. By the time we got to ferry we were all drenched. Totally soaking. Mum took my coat of to dry out a bit in the bus shelter while we were waiting for Ferry.
poppy the westie wringing at the ferry
When we got on ferry we were the only people in the lounge, off leash for me. The sky stopped crying on the crossing but as soon as we got off at lochranza back on it started to weep again.
poppy the westie having a snooze on the lochranza ferry
On the way to camp mums foot was really sore. We saw a man carrying a bulldog pup, maybe dad should carry mum? We squelched into Betsy and dried off. What a day. Later sneaky mum and dad did a disappearing act fooling me with denti stick then gone. I hate when they do that. When I woke up they were back. I could smell good food off them. Bad mum and dad, they never even brought me ant thing back. Time for nightime walk and bed. Sky seemed happier now.
sunset over lochranza after a rainy day

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