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Ullswater Lakeside by Poppymobile

Ullswater Lakeside by Poppymobile

We had a very quiet morning, mostly because mum and dad didn’t want to go out in the rain, to be fair I wouldn’t have thanked them if they did. Much better to keep warm in front of the heater. After lunch the rain had stopped and we ventured out. Dad setup poppymobile, plonked me in it and we were ready for the off.

poppy the westie gets ready for a stroll

We rolled down to the pier and for a change followed the path right. Soon we were the other side of the field from Betsy and the campsite. What the! There was a man in the field shouting at a dog. The dog was chasing sheeps! “Dad you said Poppys are not allowed to chase sheeps. So how come that is OK?” Dad said “It’s his sheep he can chase them if he wants to”. Ok then so when are you getting me sheeps?

poppy the westie with betsy in the distance

We trundled along the lakeside to the next campsite when I saw something odd. Look at the strange peoplesees, some of them are in the water.

poppy the westie checks out the film crew

Dad spoke to one of them. She said they were making a program for the BBC called “Lost and Found in the lakes”. She said it would be on TV in the spring. Have to watch out for that then.

filming of the BBCs Lost and Found in The Lakes

We explored the rest of the campsite. It had a food place, an art gallery and a wee shop that sold doggy ice cream.

poppy the westie in poppymobile at Waterside House

Turning tail, we headed back. I noticed something I never spotted on the way out. Dad look its one of the steamers from the lake. It’s got stranded out of the water.

poppy the westie at the steamers yard

We bumped along the path beside the lake slowly, no reason to hurry the rain was still a way away.


the trees at gales bay Ullswater

When we got to the campsite’s pier mum rolled me on to it so I could have a good look around. While we were there the steamer from yesterday sailed by heading for Howtown and Glenridding. Bye steamer.

the steamer to Glenridden

We hung around for a bit and headed back to Betsy as nighttime started to creep over the sky.

view from Park Foot pier at dusk

We were heading up the road tomorrow. A storm was coming and the roads would be closed on Saturday due to the Winter Droving. So an early night.

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