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Vets Stress and Currywurst

Vets Stress and Currywurst

All packed up we were off. At the top of the hill Betsy got a big drink of diesel. Dad went pail, it was 1.99 Euros a litre, still cheaper than the last place Dad. Betsy trundled into town and went to a very strange place called Ambulatorio Veterinario Associato Cortina. Mum and dad were acting funny. Mmmm something is up here and I can’t put my paw on it. We sat on some plastic chairs until a car drew up.

Ambulatorio Veterinario Associato Cortina

I was lead inside as the penny started to drop, IT’S A NASTY SCARY VETS!!! Let me out of here! I want out! Don’t take me any further! I want to go! Now! Dad had a tight grip on me. The vet gave dad something and he tried to put it in my mouth. Poppys can’t eat when we are so frightened. He then tried to force it into my mouth but I spat it out. When the vet was reading the big new form Mum said “Well done Poppy eating the tablet”. Dad then hid the tablet.

Normally that’s it I’m sprung, but because of the Brexit form the vet did not know where to sign it. “It’s in Dutch” he said “I have never seen one of these before”. We were there for ages as the Vet and Mum read and read again the form. They agreed on a place to sign and stamp it. Finally I could get back to Betsy!

The drive to Germany was long and hot, Mum and Dad were worried about the Vets signature being in the right bit of the certificate. Italy was behind us as Betsy strolled though Austria. She got another new sticker for her windscreen. After a while Austria had turned into Germany,  Much much later Dad started to get worried, Betsy was needing a drink, she was very thirsty and there were no places for her to fill her boots. Mum typed something into the talk box and it told betsy where to go, She pulled off the autobahn and followed the instructions, they took her to an industrial estate. No drinks for Betsy here. Mum tied again, this time the talk box took her to a garden centre. Dad went in and asked. He came out with a hand scribbled map. We followed the map and nadda. Betsy was getting very thirsty now Dad was really worried. He asked in another shop, they told him to go to McDonalds. At last next to the McDonalds was a diesel bar for Betsy, even Better it was under 1.9 euros a litre.

All filled up we were on the move again. We were looking for a small campsite to put our heads down before our next jump. We were looking for a place called Camping Öschlesee near a town called Sulzburg. Betsy found a place to rest and Mum and Dad quickly setup camp.

poppy the westie gaurds camp at Sulzburg

It was a nice night and Mum and Dad decided to eat at the camp’s outside restaurant. Suits me they do sausages! Both Mum and Dad went for currywurst, joy I’m defiantly getting sausages for dinner!  

Camping Öschlesee

A scary day ended well but I was shattered, Nasty Vets takes it out of you.

poppy the westie sleeping at Sulzburg

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