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Up early we left camp for the bus stop. We were getting the bus into town. As we were waiting a had a game of ball on the grass. The local peoplesees loved to watch me run about daft. It was if they had never seen a racing westie before. The bus was packed and went round the houses, it even went to the Eurospin before heading into town. When we got off we were in the middle of a market. It was very busy.

poppy the westie at bus station in Cortina

Leaving the market we headed into the centre of town. Where did all the peoplesees go?

poppy the westie in main street Cortina

The shops in the town were very expensive and mostly sold high fashion clothes, not really for van gypsys, eh Dad. It’s OK I found a shop that you will like.

poppy the westie finds dad a bevy shop in Cortina

We wondered around the centre of town, I’m still confused to where all the peoplesees have gone.

poppy the westie hanging around Cortina

At the bottom of the main street I saw something I have never seen before. Peoplesees were walking over a bridge when a cable car passed them. You don’t see that every day.

cable car in cortina

Lets go back into town. We saw the same peoplesees that came in on the bus hanging around a pretty square. They must have been waiting for the bus back.

poppy the westie in bus stop square cortina

I found a carpark that was perfect for ball. Better views than the carparks in Glasgow and you can’t play ball in those. Much better.

poppy the westie in a carpark at cortina

Time to go back for lunch. We plodded through the town back to camp, still no peoplesees.

A church in Cortina

The walk back was long but all downhill. The views were great. Half way down the hill we met the horrible finnish peoplesees who stole our view coming up on bikes. If anyone deserved to be cycling up this hill its them. They passed without making eye contact. Dad must have said something.

mountain by Camping Cortina

The afternoon was spent lazing around keeping cool and drinking lots of cold drinks. I even got ice cubes in my water yum.

Betsy at new space in Camping Cortina

Dad got dinner from the camp café, pizza. No squidees for me? That’s pure rubbish. Darkness began to fall and it was time for bed. We are moving to Germany tomorrow.

Betsys last night in Cortina

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