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Bye Bye Bute

Bye Bye Bute

Up Early because we are going home. All packed up Betsy got in the que for the ferry. Enough time for a last walk?

Poppy the Westie explores Rothesay Haven

Ferry started to load, we were the first peoplsees in. It’s a nice day mum can we sit outside?

Leaving Rothesay for the mainland

There were lots of peoplesees on deck in t shirts because of the sun but they soon went down stairs when the Mr Wind came out to play.

Poppy the Westie explores the MV Argyle

We waved to the other ferry as we passed midway, I gave it a big bark!

MV BUTE in kyles of bute

Belgian bikers made the most of the sunshine after their ten dreich days doing the NC500, I remember doing that when I was a pup……wet.

looking up the kyles of Bute

The crossing was calm and soon the ferry was coming into port.

Bute and Arrans Mountains in background

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