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What’s the story?

What’s the story?

It is a grey day today. I think the sky is going to start greetin. I so cant be bothered today. My wee legs are still sore from yesterday. Nope I’m going nowhere.

poppy the westie digs her heals in at salem

Dad got fed up came back and picked me up. I was carried halfway to the main road in the village. As he put me down, sniff, sniff dad can you smell that? Deersees!

deer next to the road salem

Joy, we stopped at a bus stop, no big walk today then. The bus came but the driver said they only had one seat. Kind driver let dad sit on the ground as long as he stayed hidden. At the next stop he let a young lad join dad on the ground. Soon the bus pulled into Tobermory and went straight for the water.

poppy the westie heads to the water tobermory

Deciding to explore the top of the town we wandered our way to the Western Isles Hotel. The very first time I came to Mull this was where we stayed. Know this place well.

poppy the westie entering the western isles hotel

We staying here Mum? “No Poppy, we are coming here for lunch.” Mmmm good I’m starving! What we getting Fishees? As we ate the sky started to cry and man did it cry. I’m glad we’re in here.

Poppy the westie goes for lunch at the western isles hotel

After dinner we spent some time in the lounge. We wated it out till the sky stopped sobbing.

poppy the westie in the lounge of the western isles hotel

As we left I headed for the room. “Poppy we are not staying here.” said Mum. Oh forgot.

poppy the westie heads for her hotel room

Rain off we made a run for it. Instead of going the road way to town, we cut through the hotel’s gardens.

poppy the westie leaving the western isles hotel

We had enough time to explore a bit before getting the bus back. As we got to the front the ferry to Kilchoan was just leaving. Dad remember the last time we got that ferry? We got totally soaked. That was a deluge and a half. Ferry gone I explored the pier.

poppy the westie at the pier in tobermory

The bus back Dad got a seat and I sat on him. No one got off at Salen, dad said they were all Day Trippers from Oban. As soon as we got to Betsy the skys opened and flooded the camp. A ferry must have just came in because there were a lot of tent peoplesees putting up tents. They got drenched. Glad we are in Betsy Ahe dad?  

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