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Pond Monsters and an up hill train

Mum took me for a walk and after breakfast we went to get the boat into town. We were going up a mountain today. On the way to the train we passed a pond, it was full of monsters!!

pond monsters

We had to Que to get on the train it was very busy so dad had to carry me. It was a very strange train not at all like the ones in Glasgow. It was all different levels, like stairs?

We got off at the top and it was cooler, you could see the whole world from here, I could even see Betsy! We went back down and dad forgot to pick me up it was very busy legs and feet everywhere. Then it happened I saw a foot coming straight at me I jumped out the way YELP!!! dad stood on my paw. Yelp yelp  All the peoplsees stopped looked at me then dad, Dad picked me up and we went down the stairs very quickly.

To make up for hurting me dad gave me a treet and we walked along the river. I got off lead, this was the only time I got off lead in Interlaken.

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