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Over the mountains to Switzerland

We left Como and headed to the boarder. We were on the motorway when the machine told dad to take the next exit. Dad was not convinced. We left the motorway and went on to a small windy road that kept going up into the sky. On and on we went higher and higher, bend after bend. It was getting cold too, then I saw it SNOW. I’m only young but one thing I do know is there is no snow in July. We got out at the top and it was cold!

What goes up must come down, dad was tense I could feel it, it was something to do with Betsy. Betsy was telling dad something was wrong with her stopping she does this by making a yellow light come on. The mountain became less steep and dad started to relax. Suddenly we saw two huge ponds of the bluest blue.

Betsy trundled along and we came to the entrance of Manor Farm, a big campsite on the lake. The motorhomes were big here! Betsy got to rest at a pitch beside the lake, she needed a rest. Dad plugged Betsy in and unwound the sun shade. He was struggling to hammer the nails into the ground that keep the sun shade up. A Swiss man came over and helped out, he looked like a professional motorhomer Cigar in mouth hatchet in hand and glass of brandy in the other.

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