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Island Life

We walked to Iseo Town and went straight to the boat ticket office. The ticket man pointed at me as said you mussle it. It?? Im a Poppys! You have mussle? he said. Mum shook her head. You must buy he said. What is a mussle? don’t like the sounds of mussle. The boat came and then I discovered what mussle was…..evil!!  Mum no don’t put that on me its too hot I cant breath!! grrrrrr. Dad carried me onto the boat and as soon as we sat down dad took nasty mussle off.

look what mussle did to my hair

We got to the island at 10, The only peoplsees who were alowed cars were the Mayor and the doctor. Everyone else had scooters. It was really hot mum and dad made sure I got my feet wet ….a lot.

coming home to Iseo

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