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Ducks in Betsy! (The road to Iseo)

This morning started normally, I went for a walk back to Betsy for a snooze. Just when I was nodding off Quack! Grrrrrrr Betsy has been invaded with ducks, I sprung to my feet and charged, they were quick to scramble out. Ducks have no place in Betsy!

Off we set, All was going well until we got the pass. Tail back. It was slow going miles later we were through. Coasting down the mountains to the Italian border. They let us go to the top of the que because of the van. Before Iseo we explored the Italian countryside going into small villages and small roads. We chanced upon a Lidl. We bought some food and juice and went onwards. The machine told us to go up this small street good job we noticed the hight and width signs. Eventually we cruised into camping cavello.

Betsy got to rest beside the lake, I liked it here, lots of new smells and ducks to chase! After we settled I got the best seat in Betsy.

the view from Back window has changed again!

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