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Andiamo a Como

We left Iseo and stopped off at the Lidl on the far end of town. Betsy got a big drink of Diesel. Betsy likes diesel.  Off we went on the wee country roads, on and on we went the sun got higher and it got hotter in Betsy. Windows open we thundered through olive groves and farm land, as we got closer to the big lake it got very busy with cars and scooters, busses and peoplsees .

We nearly missed the road to the camp site. Mum went to talk to the wardens and the showed Betsy where she could rest, I liked it! I got on the long lead while mum and dad setup camp.

We went for a walk, the beach was full of peoplsees, but the river beside camp was quiet so dad let me off lead. I’m liking Como.

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