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Johnson’s Tea Tree shampoo – Review

Johnson’s Tea Tree shampoo – Review

Johnson’s Tea Tree



Poppy said –
They say it helps to cool and sooth skin irritations, I was a bit itchy so mum and dad bought it to help me out. I mean it even had a picture of my cousin on the label!

Well bath time came grrrrr hate bath time, and soon I was a ball of suds, 5 gallons of rinse later rub down and blow dry later all seemed well until bedtime. The itching was intense, after an hour it was worse. Dad, Mum make it stop! The itching was so bad my itching woke dad up. Dad make it stop! Dad got up and ran a bath of cool water. It took another two cold water baths to get back to normal.


Johnson’s Tea Tree shampoo – Review

Mum and dad investigated the small print “wear protective gloves”, “may produce an allergic reaction”, why did they not read this before putting it on me? Never mind that, why did they buy it before reading the small print?

I’m sure I saw the bin start itching when they put it in there   grrrrrrrrrr bad nasty Tea Trees. Cool and sooth More like drive mad with the itches bad bad bad. I will have to have a growl with my cousin about being on the label.

Dad said – Sorry Poppy