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Postcard from STAX and Graceland

Postcard from STAX and Graceland

Last day in Memphis so we went for a walk around the old town and found a park, not much space for a game of ball.

fountain in memphis

At the courthouse we found a drill on the steps, funny place to find a drill eh poppysocks?

a drilling at court memphis

Mum wanted to visit the stax museum of Soul music so we jumped in the car and went to Soulsville.

stax memphis

While we were waiting for it to open we went for a wee plod. Funny place, the Beauty Parlour is a bit different from the one at the top of our street, no?

beauty salon soulsville memphis

In the museum there was a car that belonged to Isaac Hayes the guy who sang Shaft. I think it would be stripped for parts if it was parked at our bit.

Isaac Hayes pimp my ride

A another funny thing we found. A terrible album from a wee lassie fray Rothsey! Who would have known.

Isaac Hayes pimp my ride

they even celebrate sanity paws day with soul

have a soulful yule

Off in the car again this time to Graceland to see Elvis’s hoose. Before we went in we checked out his Airplane.

elvis jet

Inside was quite plush

inside elvis jet

Taking Care of Business ….. in a flash.

hound dog 1 tail fin

Next we went to his garage, he had a lot of cars and trikes

elvis trike

He even had two of these

elvis had two of these

We left and got a bus across to Graceland. The lounge is ok

lounge at graceland

Moms bedroom was on the ground floor

moms room graceland

Dining room was a bit ornate for my taste. You would hate that floor.

dinning room graceland

Kitchen was Formica heaven, but who has a carpet in the kitchen? That would have to come out.

kitchen graceland

The bar just didn’t work for me either, revamp.

bar at graceland

You would like the snug though lots of cushions to choose from.

the den at graceland

The back yard was quite plain not as nice as ours

graceland back yard

Now you would like the paddock plenty of space for ball! We would just have to get rid of the horses. Cant have horses in the back.

the padock graceland

You can even buy an Elvis  jumpsuit here, a jumpsuit is kinda like your equafleece, do you think I would cut a dash up the park in one of these?

want to buy a jumpsuit

Got to go Tink, we have a long drive ahead will drop you a line from Nashville.

Mum and Dad

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