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The adventure begins


The adventure begins

It was such a strange day, last week mum vanished, me and my brothers and sisters were alone. Every day after that peepolsees came up to our pen and one of my brothers or sisters would go away and never come back. Today I woke up all alone.
The farmer’s wife brought two peepolsees to see me they picked me up and took me to the door, the door opened and I could not believe what I saw. The roof of the outside was so big , everything was so big, So this is the outside?
poppys first day out
My first time seeing the world.
I was very frightened and started to shake, the peepolsees tried to comfort me by cuddling me but it was too scary. We went in a thing called a Mini, it was noisy and shook me about. I managed to get to sleep.
When I woke up I was in a strange new pen in a new bed. The only smell I recognised was my blanket
poppy discovers the window
It was much quieter than my old pen, no other dogs in the room only me. The new peepolsees cuddled me and pelted me.
poppys first day home
They came when I whimpered. I was so tiered I had to sleep.

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