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Brexit…. stuff them!

Dad took me out in Audi today, I was not happy because yesterday he took me in Audi to the groomers…..twice! As soon as we got in I wondered where we were going. It wasent long till I knew………VETS!

He pulled up outside nasty vet it was so scary NO dad NO not Vets I started to shake. Dad got out of Audi and didn’t come round to let me out. Ha he has used that trick before, so I jumped down and hid in the foot well, If I curl into a ball and stay very quiet and still he wont see me.

An age later dad got into the car, it worked no nasty vet. When we got home dad told me I am now all official and can go on holidays this summer! I have my Rabies Serology Certificate.

So Westyminster peopolsees brexit all you want, it dosent matter I’m going on holidays and you can’t stop me! Dad will now have to get his passporty to work now because brexit has mucked his up too.

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