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Bloody Brexit

Mum and dad are acting weird. Instead of going for a walk we went in mini, we never go in the car at this time of the day. We drove for 20 min and then I knew where I was. MUM DAD NO! We were here last month don’t make me go again, I’M OK I DON’T NEED VETS!

We parked out side the vet. Mum went in and dad stayed with me in the car. Maybees I’m not going to nasty vets. I jumped off of dad and hid in the foot well of mini. I hid for ages but then dad found me and picked me up, its too scary dad. I shook and shook I couldent do anything else but shake. Into the nasty vets we went.

I got all my strength together and wriggled ¬†from dads arms and I was on the floor right door no matter how I tried the door would not open. Mum and Dad and Vet were talking about the brexit people, because they can’t make a decision my passport won’t work.

I need to get my neck shaved and a big needle stabbed into my neck because of the brexit people, brexit people want my blood to test for rabies, I don’t like the sound of this. The vet took me from mum and dad I was terrified, mum dad don’t let him take me the last time he stabbed me twice!!!

I don’t like getting shaved and I don’t like getting stabbed so I struggled, how I stuggled but it was no good. OUCH OUCH stop it GRRRRR OUCH. It was over, let me out of here!

I got to the counter and Dad took me out, quick dad head for the hills I pulled him for two blocks before I was too tired to pull any more. My neck hurts and blood is coming out of it. Why do the brexit people want to do this to me, I don’t even know who the brexit peoplsees are.

poppy shaved with puncture wound from needle
the bloody outcome of brexit indecision ……bloody brexit

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