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3 yelp poos

Mum came and got me but I did not know where I was or what was going on. I felt sleepy, sicky and sore. Eventually I got home.

The next day I was sore and not hungry. Not good. Something bad had happened to me, I knew this because mum and dad were being reeeeely nice. They were talking about splayed, not heard that word before don’t like the sound.

I had a strange coat on even inside! My front leg had a green cloth wrapped round it. It was sore to move.

Mum and dad both came with me for my walk round the block. I diden know why. I soon discovered. Quick pee to let the gang know I’m back then time for a poo. YELP, its sore YELP what’s happening yelp sore.

How come a poo is so sore? whatever splayed is I don’t like it.

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