Yesterday we drove across the country in Betsy to Dunbar. We had to put air in one of her paws because it was too soft. Half way there we had to stop to do it again. Betsy’s paw is not well. When she got to Dunbar the sun shining and we had good views out to Bass Rock. We got our camp together and chilled for the rest of the night. The next day we were told we could not use the path to get into town because nasty golfers locked the gate. We had to walk miles to get round the golf course! Eventually we got to the beach, yay, ball.

We sauntered along the beach path beside the golf course until we got to the other side of the locked gate. The gate was only 15 yards from the path! Worse it came out between a green and a tee! The people of Dunbar Golf Course are just mean. Why would they keep locking the gate? Dad said it was because they are Basta*ds. He was so incensed he never stopped me from peeing on a green.

How mean are Dunbar Golf Club

We made it into town, it was hot. Time to go back to Betsy. It was a long way back to camp and Dad had to carry me some of the way. Back at camp dad discovered the tools that came with Betsy would not take her paw off. He phoned a man who came and fixed her.

lots of rock pools

That night all was well until something bad happened. It started with music coming from the big house in the trees. Once it got dark it happened. Lots of big scary bangs and shrieks in the sky they got louder and scarier, I started to shake. Mum and dad tried to cuddle me but it was too scary, I hid under the dashboard of Betsy, they can’t get me here, it’s safe.