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Winter is coming

I’m confused. I remember last year, I know what snow is. It gets cold, it snows, we play in the park and it’s gone. Last year it snowed about 5 times and we had a great time.

I hope it dosent get any deaper

This year it something is wrong. It started snowing in January and the snow didn’t go away for weeks. Everywhere was white. The snow was so deep I couldn’t go out for proper walks It was above my head in places. I had to learn a new way to get around. I had to pounce from spot to spot, good job I can jump really high. Dad said I looked like a tigger, whats a tigger dad?

Still it comes

One good thing about the snow is that mum and dad could not get to work so I was not left alone. The snow had other benefits. Some days it was so slippery no cars went out into the road. This was good because I could go my morning walks off lead, also it meant we could go up the park in the afternoons.

January came and went, February unfolded and the snow retreated. One weekend mum and dad fired up Betsy and we were off on another adventure our first of the year! We were heading south to the boarders, the hilly hinterland between Scotland and Englandshire. As we drove south the hills were still capped with snow. On we went, the radio went silent the further we travelled, dad said it was because we lost signal, I don’t remember having signal. I jumped off mums lap and went to look for it. I didn’t find it, I don’t even know what it smells like. Half an hour later Betsy found her signal and the radio started speaking to us again. It was a guy called DJ Silly Boy and he was serious jockin no g. The only time I ever here DJ Silly Boy is when we are in Betsy at the start of an adventure.

We came off the big road and Betsy found a space in a big field. We were in the caravan and camping club site at Moffat. Dad got Betsy plugged in and mum set up the inside I got on the long lead and explored our new space. There was something odd about Moffats, a strange smell. I remember the smell but don’t know what makes it. It’s not Vampire Dogs, they smell horrible.

Betsy all camped up in Moffat.

Mum and dad were drinking their juice mum like straw coloured juice dad always drinks amber juice, I was looking out the window and I saw them. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Grrrrrrrrrrrruff GGGGRRRRUUUUUFFFF. Mum, Dad look Mum, Dad I’ll chase them away! I lept from the seat and tied to push Betsy’s door open. It was no good, Mum, Dad, they were looking out the window. “Poppy its only rabbits” dad said, only rabbits? Only rabbits? Now I know what the smell was and now I know what they look like. Mr rabbits is going to get a surprise tomorrow.

looking for Mr rabbit

The next day I got mum and dad up early Mr rabbits and his chums were everywhere. Dad put me on long lead and opened the door, I bounded out of Betsy and charged the hoard, they scatterd in every direction and vanished down holes. The holes were just too wee for me to follow so I tried to dig them out. Dad shook his head, “Poppy you’re black”.

We went into the town for a sniff about, Mum popped into a pub called the Star Hotel when she came out she looked happy, “Your coming to dinner tonight they are dog friendly” she told me Dog Friendly? I thought everywhere was Dog Friendly, well apart from shops. Shop keepers must be cat peopolsees. We wandered about the town and meandered down to the river, bonus time to lose the leash. We followed the river for a mile or so the weather was dry but the path was very muddy in places, I didn’t care but oddly neither did mum and dad, I suppose it’s because I was already mucky. We headed back into town. I had to go back on the leash. We plodded around, it was a nice wee town at the bottom I got to play in Station Park with the ball. Mum and dad went to the supermarket for supplies and we headed back to Betsy. Before I was allowed into Betsy mum and dad took me to the utility block on the camp site. The utility block is where dad does the dishes after dinner but it was not dishes that were going to be washed, IT WAS ME! No dad No mum It’s Cold, I struggled in vein under the tap I went, I don’t like taps.

Dinnertime came early for me, after we went back into town to the Star Hotel, I lay under the table as mum and dad ate. I got a bit of fish and a bit of steak as well as my treats. After dinner it was dark and cold, as we wandered back to Betsy there was that smell again Rabbits. An early night because the weekend is coming to a close and we go home tomorrow.

Its murder getting snowballs off your fur

As February came to a close the snows came back and the city ground to a halt. Again the snow did not go away quickly, March arrived and the snow remained. Now I know how I get snow nose! As March turns to April the weather got warmer the snow has gone and I’m now looking forward to more adventures!

looks nothing like me

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