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Walking on water

Another sunny day and another walk this time up and over the hills. We walked along the costal path then headed up the hill to Castle Point. We got to the top of the hill there was a big column that mum and dad were looking at. I could not see I jumped and jumped and still could not see, so I barked and barked. Mum picked me up and put me on the column, from there I could see everywhere.

View from Castle Point Column

We headed down the hill to a sandy cove where I got to play ball. We wandered across cove until we came to a strange shrine made of rocks and driftwood. We could go no further so we scrambled up the hill to the path and headed back. Dad came up with a really stupid idea, “how about we walk across the bay to the island?”

What walk to that island? Over the water like?

Well as soon as we stepped into the bay my paws sank into the mud. Mum and dad were in mud up to their knees. We plodded on and eventually got there but we were black. Dad was worried about the tide as we got close to the shore we found a rock pool to clean up. Dad said I was two tone black from the chest down.

It’s too deep dad!

Back to camp to clean up properly and enjoy the afternoon.

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