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The Sands of Morar

After a morning walk a big adventure awaits. Mum and dad want to walk up the coast line to a place called the Sands of Morar. Dad said we would be playing with the ball all day and I would be off lead for hours.

another beach

After breakfast we were off, beach 1 sand see sun ball, beach 2 the same beach 3 even bigger beach 4 beach 5 beach 6!!!!! Beach after beach and we hadn’t even got to the Sands of Morar!! Eventually we came across a problem. A mountain was in our way, Dad scrambled up and recond we could just go over it….Numpty!

sun sea sand ball woof

Up and up we went, over moorland down glens and through forests. At last we got to the top, looking down was a bay of sand, one problem, how do we get down? Any bright ideas dad? We crashed down the mountain through the trees, over ditch and burn, we made it. We crossed the sands as the sea was rushing in when we got half way across it was time to head for higher ground.

where did the beach go?

There were three ways to get back to Betsy. The way we came, the main road or the mystery road. After our impromptu hillwalking the main road it was. It was not a busy road but was un-inspiring. The sound of the Hogwarts express, yeah right dad it’s a dragon, pounding through the glen was enough to make mum and dad to go off road and into the fields heading towards the sea, “get to the sea and turn right” seemed simple enough to me. Fields fences and golf courses later we made it. It was so good to see Betsy again.


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