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The road to Cochem via Zell and Beilstein

After a quick play with Lottie I was sitting on mum in and Betsy was running down the road to Zell. It was a strange place. Noisy whirly thing in the air pouring rain into the plants and everywhere pictures of black cats. Mum even bought a bottle of wine with a black cat on the label.

Poppy the westie beside a blue tractor in zell germany
funny car this dad

Next was a town called Beilstein. It was small and higglty pigalty. I liked it because the cobblestones were cool to lie on. They made dad pay to let Betsy have a resting spot.

why does mum take so long?

Back in Betsy we stopped to let her have a drink 1.19 euros a liter.

funny looking car dad

We stopped for the day. It was hot. We went into town I was bushed. Mum had to carry me some of the way. On the way back dad had to carry me, I gave him a lick, thanks dad. Mum was bushed to. We went for a snooze.

woof woof mmmm don’t speek german

We went back into town for dinner before we went I introduced myself to the neighbours.

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