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Strange place to go Ansbach?

We got up really early and mum and dad were on the phone a lot. Dad went away and came back in a bad mood. They went on the phone again talking about Betsy’s sore paw. We went for a walk in the fields, I got to chase butterflies.

Mum was on the phone again and got Very angry. So we went another walk to a place called Rothernburg ob der Tauber. It was a hard walk up the big hill. Mum thought it was very pretty. She bought a decoration from the Christmas shop.

Poppy the westie on a cobbled street in Rothernburg ob der Tauber
finally up the hill to Rothernburg ob der Tauber

When we got back to Betsy a big German man with a big truck was lifting Betsy off the ground.When we got back to Betsy a big German man with a big truck was lifting Betsy off the ground.

He made us get in the truck and took us to a strange place called a Peugeot garage in a Town Called Ansbach. The Mechanics were confused because they thought I was driving Betsy, they had never worked on a right hand drive Betsy before. We stayed there for ages. It was hot and smelled of rubber. The man in garage was very nice he gave me a biscuit and water.

Betsy came out a big shed and we were allowed to ride in her again. So we went back into the countryside to a place called Dinkelsbuel. As soon as we got there I was allowed out on my long lead.

Dinkelsbuel square with church in corner at dusk
So, where we going for dinner?

That night we went into town and I got schnitzel yum it was gooood

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