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St Monens & Elie, Fife

Sunny days back in Betsy and off to Fife. Betsy got us to the camp by 4. Dad plugged Betsy in and we went for a walk. I got to smell lots of smells along the path that took us to a seaside village called Pitinween. There were lots of artists there. I went into a pub and got petted by a waiter. Mum and dad were disappointed because the pub’s van was broken and it’s driver was in hospital, this meant no dinner.

poppy the westie at anstruther
mmm fish and chips

After playing with the ball at a windmill Mum and dad got a visitor. He came with food. It smelled like Chinese but I never got to taste it. Bad Mum bad dad.

Poppy the westie on the path to Anstruther from St Monens
Are we there yet?

In the middle of the night it rained, I couldn’t find mum or dad it upset me and I started to cry. Joy mum came down the ladder and petted me put my lead on and took me out.

When dad got up we went a long walk, mum and dad got excited about big fish things jumping out of the water.

In the next town we got fish and chips. They were yummy. I was tired so we got a big bus back to Betsy. I got to play with Roxy the long haired jack Russel. she reminded me of Freiya from Italy.

Betsy was restless so off we went. As we went over a big long bridge it started to rain. On we went, Betsy had to swim though big ponds. I never saw Betsy swim before. It tiered her out. She had to go for a snooze.

Nice and cozy in here mum

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