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St Andrews Revisited

We went back to bus stop but this time on the other side of the road. We were going back to St Andrews. It was different since the last time I was here in March. It was warm and you could see more than 10’ . Beach!!!! The beach was great it went on for miles and it had lots of dogs on it to play with! I got to play ball and paddle in the water.

So different from the last time

In town it was very busy, lots and lots of peoplsees. I don’t know why but most were dressed up as alpine peoplsees with lederhosen. Odd peoplsees here. After mum and dad looked in lots of shops it was time to go back to Betsy and sit out for the afternoon. Mum and dad checked the bus time table there was a bus due in 10 minutes they told me, OK I’ll lie down then. Ages and ages and ages we waited for the bus and then waited ages more. Eventually it came. Over an hour late.   Sunday sevice?

We were glad to get back to Betsy, I was straight outside before mum and dad got their chairs out and well before they got their bright orange spritsees.

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