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Snow, food, Rob Roy and the dark path

The next day the world was white. Mum got really excited a red squirrel I don’t care what colour they are a squirrels is a squirrels and there to be chased! Dad was a bit worried about going down the dirt track in the snow. All was well though and we drove into the village of Strathyre. We were going for a walk, dad was still injured so it wasn’t going to be a long walk. We looked at the directions for the walk and got lost within 5 minutes, we carried on anyway. Up the hill through the forest smells everywhere I’m thinking I’ll bag a squirrels.

The snow is staring to lie dad

Up we went the air was as clean as the crunchy snow. Dad pulled the ball from his pocket, now he had my attention. The funny thing about this snow is that it makes my ball white and it grows to twice its size.

my autographe

We headed back to the village, mum wanted a newspaper so stopped at the village shop. We were going for lunch at The Golden Larches. I liked it there it was warm and the waitress gave me my own water bowl and a biscuit. Mum and Dad liked it too, They had a breakfast….for lunch! I’m glad they did because I got some sausage!

After lunch dad wanted to go to Balquhidder to see Rob Roy’s Grave. I liked it the church yard was fenced so I got let loose. Mum said we should try to find the Monachyle Mhor Hotel so off down the single track road we went. The road was really small and some of the passing places were dangerous one wrong move and we would be in Loch Voil. We saw trees with ribbons tied to them and bald men in orange dresses very strange not every day you see bald men in orange dresses. We never went into the hotel so we turned mini around and headed back.

Don’t drive into the loch dad

Mum wanted to go to the gallery at Mhor 84 we saw yesterday. We parked up and mum went in, I was not happy. I cryed and cryed, I pawed the door. Why did it not open? When I paw the windows in the car it opens. Look dad another dogs in there why can’t I go in? Dad opened the door and finally I got in. Now, where’s mum?

Back at the lodge mum and dad headed straight to the hot tub. Daft mum and dad why get wet when you don’t need to. That night we were walking to dinner at Mhor 84. We were using a cycle path that went down the glen so I could get off the lead. It was so quiet because we were far from the road. On and on we went as the path left the moors it entered the woods it was starting to get dark. Up and down bend after bend eventually we saw lights in the distance we came out across from the motel.

I sat under the table as mum and dad had dinner, I got some bits of fish and steak but even better Denti stick. After we were fed and watered it was time to back to the lodge. We stared back into the woods, it was really dark and really scary. Strange smells, strange noises and lots of places for monsters to hide. I knew they were there but I couldn’t see them grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I growled at every corner, every time dad shone the torch I’m sure I saw them slink into the shadows. The woods began to thin and we were back out in the moors and we could see the stars. I knew we were on the right path because I could smell my markers I left on the way out. All was good I could even see the lights from our lodge up on the hill.

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