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Red Sky in Morning

Monday morning and the sky is bright red, we met the Italians as we came back they were at the front of the hotel having a smoke. Back in the room I did my tricks for mum and dad to get a denti stick when I finished it they had vanished. How does this happen? Where do they go? I went for a nap. I woke when the key went into the room door mum and dad came back with sausage YUM.

We started to put our stuff into Mini. When we came back in I got to play with the hotel dogs at reception the hotel lady told mum that the boats were sailing today so we would be leaving the island. As we were leaving the man who owned the hotel was talking to dad. He showed him into a room and started to talk to him about the hotel. Mum was not happy she wanted to go, dad can be a numpty sometimes he does not know when to have a chat and when it’s time to go.

pee stop

We got into mini waved to the Italians, who were staying for a few more days and headed down the hill into Tobermory. We drove though the town on to the single track down to Craignure to get the boat. We had time so we stopped along the way I thought I better leave markers encase we have to come back. As we went back to the car mum took a photo of the sun coming through the clouds. When we got to Craignure the boat was not there. Dad was not too worried, must be ok then, Walk?

We went for a walk and I met one of my cousins Archie. Archie and his mum were going on the boat too. He lived on Mull but was going to Stirling. Poor Archie has a bad leg and was going to Nasty Vets. I hope his vets are not as nasty as mine. Glad I’m not going to nasty vets.

when the boat comes in

The boat came into site so it was time to go back to mini. The boat came into the jetty and opened its big mouth, cars and busses and trucks came out. We got into mini and drove into the boats mouth. When we stopped I started to bark. Mum dad don’t leave me let me out. Dad got out and closed the door before I could escape. Mum Mum don’t leave me, mum’s door opened I made a bolt but mum had me on tight lead. Dad took the lead and let me out. My claws made skating noises on the deck of the boat as I tried to put distance between me and mini. Mum got out and we into the boat together.

boat has his mouth open

Instead of going straight to the dog lounge we went on deck, it was very fresh on the deck but the sun was shining and if you stood on the right side of the boat there was little wind. We stayed on the deck until Mull sank into the sea and the mainland rose from it. We went back down stairs to the dog lounge I met Archie and the other dogs so we hung out until we were told to go to the car deck.

In mini the noise of the boat got louder and everything started to shake. The boat opened its big mouth and mini’s radio started to speak again. Mini bumped off the boat back onto the land, it was sunny and bright. Oban looks different in the sunshine. Time to go down the long road home.

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