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It was very sunny and warm when I went for my morning walk. We got back and dad walked straight past me. How rude he said he never saw me but how can you miss me? After breakfast and I got two extra buiscuits, we went to walk around the lake.

funny place to build a castle

Once we passed the rowing grandstand I got off the lead. It was fun but too hot. We got into the town of Bled about an hour later. Dad wanted to check the price of diesel. Is 1.28 a liter good I don’t know.

We headed back along the other side of the lake and dad bought a picture. The odd thing was that the man painted on the back of it.

this is the wrong side

Then there were big bangs in the sky. It frightened me. We rushed back to camp. Mum dried me before I was allowed in the van. It’s time for a nap my paws are worn out.

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